Am not a writer!

Am not a writer! That is pretty good excuse for not starting of blogging. But because it is still a thing in 2021 I am giving it a try!
Thinking twice, its all about offering value, as an Emirati,  I can offer insights in forms of blog posts of cultural focus, not just what Museums, but where to find so and so or how to make Arabic Coffee or Karak or words of wisdom passed through generations, or an interview or cultural trip ..that's a good niche I believe!
So going back to the excuses, I have many friends who want to learn Arabic, other took courses but they never practice because "everyone speaks English in UAE" that's the excuse!
If you are this person, I challenge you to approach your Arab friends with words like Marhaba! or Hala! "Aba Atkalam weyak Arabi" they will help you in the journey, yes it may be embarrassing or inconvenience, but its worth it.
If you really keen in embedding self in Emarati culture, start with language, its not just words, its the culture as a whole.
Stay awesome!
Maryam Qayed
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