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UAE tradition going global

Our Products

Our products can be gifted as cultural mementos celebrating icons passed onto generations because of their historical and cultural significance, and retell stories of the region’s style, generosity, and sophistication. However, we don’t only retell stories, we create new stories, sail onto new journeys, and further paint layers upon layers of colorful tales.

Our gifts are Made in UAE, serving aesthetic needs and are very functional and is beautified with talents of Emirati Artisans and Artists.

So our key processes is to concept design, prototype, produce and distribute.

Our Story

(in UAE) We didn’t have much before the oil was discovered in the region, but we sought meaning through what we had. Some of the best memories we ever had were of visiting the souq; buying textured fabrics made our hearts rapidly pound with joy. We tailored beautiful clothes from those fabrics. But in the scarcity we lived in, we valued what we had, so we never threw away the excess fabric left after the tailoring. It was against our culture to waste things, and that gave birth to Beqsha, the term we used to refer to the reused excess cloth.

We thought about how to reuse them. Naturally, life inspired us to look beyond. We used the fabrics in so many different ways. We used them as beautiful gift wraps. We covered our food with it. We even used them as bags to carry things around. Their vibrant colors gave life to the mundane habits. We integrated Beqsha into our traditions because we believed that beauty and resourcefulness can go hand in hand. And so, we named our company AlBeqsha to celebrate our profound Emirati culture. AlBeqsha [] is a symbol of who our grandparents were and what they stood for, highlighting their values and resourcefulness.

Our Partners

In UAE community we value working together, and we are proud to have such a great pool of Governmental, Retail, Production, and Creative (Artists and Artisans) Partners who are critical to our success, in return we pledge to give back to the community, environment and humanity.

Here is some of our key partners

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Al Jaber Gallery - Mall of the Emirates
B-17B, Ground Floor, Near Al Ansari Exchange, Dubai, U.A.E.
P: +971 (0) 4 341 4103
Al Jaber Gallery - Dubai Mall
LG Level, Near Fountain Entrance, Dubai, U.A.E.
P: +971 (0) 4 339 8566 | +971 (0) 55 600 1884
Alserkal Cultural Foundation
Heritage House No. 13, Al Fahidi Historical District,
Al Musalla Rd. Corner Al Fahidi St, Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E.
P: +971 (0) 4 353 5922 | +971 (0) 50 442 6334
Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding
Heritage House 26, Al Fahidi Historical District,
Al Mussallah Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E
P: +971 (0) 4 353 6666
The Majlis - Jumeirah Masjid
Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E
P: +971 (0) 4 353 6666
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Happy to hear from you to discuss art, culture, distribution, mutual opportunities, or for more information on +971 (0) 54 767 7664 or leave us a message here:

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