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This is Maryam Qayed, born and raised in the city of dreamers, who make the impossible possible, Dubai!
I fell in love with culture in 2014, when I discovered a career called Tour Guiding, I felt the need and the beauty in immersing self in learning from the best so that I could share my learnings to you in most exciting ways!
Also, you see as an Emirati, I am used to doing/valuing certain things unlike others, and being into cultural tour guiding, prompted me to take notice, question and understand to consciously share things first hand with you.
I was born with certain advantages, but being a minority in own country is kind of a pressure to be an ambassador/role model and give back. Also being a Muslim and Arab lady have its own challenge where I need to balance own ambition – with the need to open up to the world – while leveraging/respecting the own traditions which is fascinating! You see, we have so much to talk about! see blog post.
Humanity is a core value, that I embrace via connecting and understanding people to create a human bond. As most I cannot help but stereotype – an area of improvement – but I believe real experiences help us evolve, for example when I travelled to countries like Nepal, China, Russia and the list goes on I really felt a human connection when I met the locals who all cleared/washed away stereotypes that were in my mind, so I came back home with a feeling that I met the country, after all the citizens are the country! And I am passionate to replicate this possibility here, in UAE.
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