This is Maryam Qayed, born and raised in the city of dreamers, where the impossible is possible, Dubai!

I fell in love with culture in 2014, when I discovered a career into Tour Guiding, I felt the need and beauty in immersing self in learning from the best so that I could share my learnings with you in most exciting ways!

Also, you see as an Emirati, I am used to doing certain things, and being into cultural tour guiding, prompted me to take notice, question and understand to consciously share things first hand with you.

I was born with certain advantages, but being a minority in my own country pressured me to be an ambassador and give back. Also being a Muslim and Arab lady have its own challenges as I need to balance own ambition while leveraging own traditions which is fascinating! You see, we have so much to talk about!

Humanity is a core value, that I embrace via connecting and understanding people. As most I cannot help but stereotype – an area of improvement – but I believe real experiences help us evolve, for example when I travelled to Nepal, China, Russia and the list goes on I really felt a human connection when I met the locals who cleared stereotypes, so I came back home with a feeling that I met the country, after all the citizens are the country! And I am passionate to replicate this possibility here, in UAE.

Be connected


We are story tellers and strive to do it most innovatively and beautifully.

Stories are most powerful, everyone got one! So we are here to share stories from an Arab world, and that’s how we really connect.

Well! We are bunch of passionate humans, who believe that we are similar, with differences that make us even more beautiful and interesting!

We are authentic, and strive to BE in this noisy and highly influential world.

We believe that real and great doesn’t have to be expensive! So we work toward offering quality and affordability.

As Arabs, we are collaborators, it’s our thing! So this is something that is seen within our teams, partnerships and the way we work.
We are good people, we wish to leave nothing but goodness behind, the same is reflected in the way we do things and the souvenirs we make, its made responsibly and is recyclable.

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We are social enterprise, we strive to make an impact to UAE society and the world in overall. See the social report