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Through Un-Beqsha Summer Program, we offer your child an opportunity to make new friendships, learn something new in an entertaining environment, in the same time, an hour of “me time” for YOU!

The program was designed by childhood specialists, suitable for the age of (7-9) years

It consists of (6) remote interactive sessions (live broadcast with the facilitator), each last for (60) minutes, over two weeks.

To inspire your child's imagination and provide him/her a safe entertainment that is also educational in the following areas of (love for nature, hand crafts and creativity, recognizing emotions and expressing, sports and its impact on happiness)

All resources are provided in advance, in addition to a surprise box (sshh it’s a secret box, your child cannot know about it)

Time: 05:00 - 06:00 pm 

If you have enqiries, send a Whats App message 054-7677-664

Price: AED 610

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"Animated cartoon was like a magical world I traveled to through a screen, its details fascinated me even the fluant Arabic language they spok." Maryam Qayed

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What is included: all materials, a box full of gifts for each session and delivery charges.

Capacity: 5-10 kids

Suitable for: 7-9 Years old (Currently offered in Arabic)

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