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A modern design of a bottle made of pottery, reflecting three values: Environmental because it reduces the use of the plastic bottles for the possibility of refilling it over and over. Heritage because it's handmade by craftsmen who revive the Arab and GCC heritage. Healthy because drinking water from a clay pot enhances the mineral elements in it.

p.s. for hygiene sake, the bottle has a glass polish at the outer base and bottle neck.

Accompanied by a beautiful maroon leather bag, making it easy to carry.

Capacity: 450-500 ml - it varies because it is handmade.

click here to download care instructions  

Price: AED 160

"I was always interested in pottery sessions at school, my eyes followed pottery teacher’s hands, whilst she shaped and made most beautiful pieces that is dried in oven."

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Pottery Bottle is a perfect gift for her, him, a mom, health conscious.

Perfect Occasion: NO Occasion Gift!

Practicality: A drinking water container be reused as a vase.

More about the maker of this product, Can Company a Bahraini brand was Read More

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