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Make Farouka Experience: Farouka - also known as Tarbosha - is a piece of accessory part of the national dress of UAE men, it's just like a tie in a formal suit of men. Together we want to shed light on this cultural piece and share tales. In this experience, you will

- Learn about the basics of Emirati men's formal attire 

- Recognize the transformation of Farouka

- Make your own piece that you can wear as a summer necklace or keychain (with thrill)

This experience lasts for 70 minutes and it is suitable for both genders, age of 10+

When: 12 Nov 2022 at 11:00 am

Don't hesitate to send a WhatsApp  message if you have any questions


Price: AED 150

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"My first cultural question ever was about Farouka, surely I didn't know the answer, the question was why people wore Farouka?!" Maryam Qayed.

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What is included: Your own Kit

Capacity: 8-11 people, while applying social distancing regulations.

Location: The Workshop Dubai

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