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You must have recognized the love of perfumes in this region, we invite you to come in to try to make your first Arabic perfume, that you can wear or gift to someone (with pride)!

In this experience, you will
- learn about perfumes from UAE cultural perspective
- know the basics of making an Arabic perfume 
- make your own perfume, name it and leave with it!

This experience lasts for 90 minutes and it is suitable for both genders, age of 14+

When: 09 September 2023 at 10:00 am

Don't hesitate to send a WhatsApp message if you have any questions

Price: AED 190

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The perfume of my grandmother is so worm, it is so unique and it always take me back to her memories

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What is included: Your own perfume Kit

Capacity: 8-11 people

Location: The Workshop Dubai

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