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There is so much to Arabic Coffee then just it's spectacular taste!
In Make Arabic Coffee experience we will co-make a perfect cup of coffee, you will start with recognizing a raw bean, ending with the etiquette of serving Arabic coffee, all in a friendly yet educational setting.
This experience is suitable for gentlemen, ladies, age of 16+, presented in English
When: 18 March 2023, at 11:00 am 
Don't hesitate to send a What'sApp message if you have any questions

Price: AED 120

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"I wasn't a fan of Arabic Coffee, because I was not following the customs until I tried it after a deseart.. it uplifted the flavours like magic!" Maryam Qayed

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Capacity: 6-12 people, while applying social distancing regulations.

Location: Al Fanar Restaurant - Al Barsha Area

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