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Product Description: Mereyah is replicate accessory of a traditional gold design, worn by most of UAE women, in the past and present. In a clear frame, with flexibility to open use, put back.

a Beqsha Wrap is included.

Price: AED 171

"Shaikha believes that Mareyah boosts positivity and her femininity, beside the piece gorgeousness." 

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Framed Mareyah is a perfect gift for her, be a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a colleague.

Perfect Occasion: mothers day, women's day, an anniversary, birthday, a new house, relocation, a promotion, even better, a no occasion gift! I thought of you gift.

Practicality: multi purpose, wear and put it back to the frame, beautify the space whether a living room, bedroom, office.

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