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Framed Burqa -Pink 

Product Description :is an authentic/original piece handmade by an artisan from UAE. It contains an artistic touch, Arabic calligraphy of a poetry in which a man is flattering beauty of a woman wearing burqa.

This product is smartly framed, packed in recycled beautiful box, wrapped with "Beqsha" a piece of cloth to add an element of surprise. 

An instruction card on how to wear is included.

* Out of stock

"Athija is married since 50+ years, she wouldn’t take off her burqa even when she is sleeping, neither is comfortable facing her husband without burqa"

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Burqa is a perfect gift for her, be a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a colleague

Perfect Occasion: mothers day, women's day, an anniversary, birthday, a new house, relocation, a promotion, even better, a no occasion gift! I thought of you gift.

Practicality: an accessory wear in a special occasion and put back in the frame, beatify the space, office, living room, a home décor.

A beautiful touch is added by Nurjis Nourdine, Read More

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