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Dubai Sand Pendant - Thread: There is something about UAE, it is a truly diverse country, as people from more than 200 nationalities call it home. Magically the diversity is also reflected in the geography of UAE, as there are more than 28 sand types. Dubai Sand Pendant is locally made for Dubai Lovers


Price: AED 75

One night I decided to go o a d safari experience with a friend, it was a magical night! I remember that she picked a rock and put it in the bag and I asked why, she said this is my s of the moment and this night, I can r to it.

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It is for the locals who’d like to have piece of UAE/Dubai with them and for the visitors who’d like to have a souvenir of the moments they had in this country.

Perfect Occasion: National Day, a Dubai Souvenir

Practicality: Wear

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