Emirati Women Day is a day for all


Happy Emirati Women day to everyone, this is an occasion for all to celebrate, individuals and the whole society.

I believe this is an occasion for all, because exceptional society produces exceptional members, and yes women are referred to here, excelling as a full-time mother, workforce contributor, company owner, care giving daughter, cheerful sister, friend, positive change maker within society, whatever role being handled. Thanks to supporting men, other women, rules, culture, tradition and society, else the scale is imbalanced.

as a woman, I'd like to acknowledge the importance of inner balance for women in particular, as women are natural givers, so being balanced inside out is crucial. For me balance is being strong and vulnerable, last is something women them selves aren't okay with although its a nature and form of feminine strength. So here I am inviting woman like me to nature vulnerability by simply celebrating it,  and be emotional, here is how:

  1. connect with feminine side, and be well aligned with your emotions as well as thoughts.
  2. enjoy moments with kids and old ones, believe me its recharging.
  3. give love to those around you, I am also referring to things  ^^
  4. when things aren't going well, accept and take it easy, let it go.
  5. ask for support when you need it.

Last, I urge you to be you, be authentic!

Maryam Qayed


Photo credit Ishaq Madan