about the Arabic Coffee

If you ask the younger me, about the Arabic Coffee, or “Gahwa” as it is called in the UAE, I will say that I prefer cappuccino, because my friend, I always saw others get “Fenjan” - the  Arabic coffee cup - after a dessert but I didn’t try it.

But when I did follow the rules, I fell in love! The taste was balanced and awesome. So, I invite you to give it a try if you haven’t yet.

Arabic Coffee isn’t about the taste only, it’s the way it is made, served, it’s a culture as a whole, no wonder “dalla”  the coffee pot is engraved in the UAE Dirham coins.

For centuries Arabic coffee symbolize hospitality of Arab Culture. It refers to generosity, as the Emirati proverb says: “AlBait eli Mafeh Dalla Mahd Ydelah” which is translated to; A House without “Dalla” no one recognizes it, simply because the coffee is not just a drink rather a fundamental mean of honoring guests.

The Arabic Coffee has very unique and exotic taste that comes from the handpicked Arabica coffee beans, light-medium roasted, freshly grinded, and then boiled with touches of species like cardamom, zafran, cloves, and a bit of rose water, sugar is never added.