Visitors contribute to making the largest Emirati burqa in the world


Expo 2020 Dubai witnessed the launch of the first and unique initiative of its kind to implement the largest Emirati burqa in the world, which celebrates the burqa as one of the symbols of the heritage and national identity of the United Arab Emirates, as part of the activities celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Union held throughout Expo 2020.

This distinguished event was held in front of Al-Beqsha booth located in Jubilee Park and opened the opportunity to contribute to making the largest burqa in the world, in front of all visitors at the Expo site, in order to emphasize the principle of cooperation, and tolerance and all the positive meanings adopted by the UAE.

Emirati Maryam Al-Qayed, founder and general manager of Al-Baqsha Company, says: “The idea of making the largest burqa in the world came in cooperation with the Emirati doctor, Dr Maryam Abdullah Kittit, family doctor and entrepreneur, with the aim of presenting an innovative gift that expresses love and gratitude to Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women's Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, on the occasion of the golden jubilee of our beloved country ».

She added: «Today we are talking about the burqa, as it is a symbol of Emirati women that we are proud of, although the generation of young Emirati women no longer wears the burqa, it is still one of the symbols of heritage that represents many meanings and connotations, as well as serves the purpose of protection from sunlight, air and other environmental factors. Foreign ».

She pointed out that the burqa is made of cotton cloth saturated with indigo, which gives it its reinforced shape, and it is very thin on the skin, and the bridge of the nose includes strong support of palm fronds to give freedom of movement and speech behind the burqa. And she continued, "We designed a large burqa with dimensions of 100 cm and 48 cm, and it is the largest of its kind in the world. More than 40 participations from Emirati women and visitors to the exhibition have contributed to its implementation so far."

The Al-Baqsha Center, which is located in Jubilee Park, aims to shed light on the Emirati heritage, provide the country’s tourism culture with distinctive ideas, and introduce new generations and visitors to the Emirates with the contents and implications of the Emirati heritage.


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